RobiG Adventures

Explore the unique side of Budapest with us!


Are you a tourist/traveller/low budget backpacker who just arrived to Budapest? Are you looking for new good ideas to spend your valuable time while you are here?

You just found the best way to spend your time!

About Us.

We are doing this only as fun, and volunteering to help for fellow mates who don't know this city. We are also backpackers and know tour agencies are official boring companies. Usually we like to avoid all of them during our travels..

When we travel we are looking for unique experiences, something valuable: to see the world through the locals eyes, to meet friendly people, to relax and enjoy our days.

We are looking for honest and helpful people who are not money hungry, doesn't want to cheat/rob us, and who knows the best places to visit and places better to avoid.

There are so many situations, when its good to know someone who has clues about local things, and who can help.

What can we offer for you?

First, we would like to chat with you a bit to see whats your current travel story/your main interest while you are here, then we will see.. There is no pinky promise!


- Are you with your girlfriend/boyfriend and looking for places to visit/to have a special romantic date?

Cool! Come to join us, and we will share with you the affordable small secrets of Budapest:)

- Are you hungry to learn more about this place?

Cool! We can share with you historical/art/cultural/economic thoughts, answer your questions (ok, at least we can give a try:) You will see, we have vast experience, and we know a lot about different aspects of local neigbourhoods..:)

- Do you want to find the best bars/food/party places?

Based on your thoughts we can help you to find what you are looking for. (only legal means please:) If you travel alone, come to join our company to have friendly chats, meet fellow travellers or locals, whatever.. Its simple, just be nice, and hopefully we will be nice with you too:) We can find you current local events, help you to reserve places, etc.

-Do you have Hungarian family roots, but you never met them before?

Wow, we are your best chance! Our funding member already helped several people to find missing family connections. Its really amazing to find your roots, don't miss any chance to do this! We can help you with our best knowledge to give it a try.. (Did I mention already, its completly free?:)

-You need local boots on the ground?

Contact us with further details.

- Are you interested in a certain local topic (e.g. history, art, modern dance, playing/listening classical music, archeology, physics, etc.) and you are looking for fellow mates with similar interests to enjoy/get lessons/play together/share ideas/experiences while you are travelling?

If you contact us, depend on your requirements we can help you to translate or to find someone who has similar interests or who can help.. Its been really wide scale: we already seen master thesis students looking for art library articles to translate, people who were looking for building IT startup connections, modern dance artists who were looking for dancepartner for a night.. If you have any specific question/issue, dont be afraid to contact us. We love challenges, so just give us a try:)

-Are you a distance worker and need some social life/help while you are on the way alone?

Excellent! We can help you to find the best cheap local space to work, even sometimes we can introduce you similar distance coworkers, so while you are working you can have a taste of a working company. We can help you to organize local things as well.

-Are you just tired of the consumption world and looking for natural things to feel human again?

Based on your interest, we can help you with professional recreational ideas. Plans/places/contacts to discover the wild wild countryside of Hungary:) (Actually its peaceful, not that wild at all:)

- You just want to chill/relax/slow down and you are looking for a cheap comfy family place to enjoy your time?

Good for you! This is our best thing to do as well, so we know local places to slow down and just enjoy the atmosphere and taste the local slowliness. :)

Lets just have a chat and the rest we will see:) We can't promise you anything, this is a free friendly volunteer service, there is no obligations in any of our side. We are full of plans, if you are satisfied, you are free to give any tips or donations but this is not a requirement.

If you are in any local trouble, let us know, maybe we can figure out something ;)

Feel free to join or contact us,

RobiG Adventures

Worst Foozball Team in town:)

Did you know this? Hungarian inventions 1-2:

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