How to be a smart guide? HOW IT WORKS? NEXT STEPS


First of all, thank you for visiting this page! Im glad you are finally here! We just started a new open source free community project to connect travelers with local youth/university students with similar interests.

So, you found this website, and you don't know what to do next?

Here are the steps:

1. Register a profile, its only a few seconds. Upload a picture about yourself, and write some general background description. We care about your security, please don't provide any personal contact information, like phone numbers, emails on your profile!

2. Create your first ad, by clicking on "Post a new listing". (Right corner at the top of the screen) Use your student background knowledge, and think a bit about your possible smart guide offer.

For example, if you are studying arts, you can offer art related activities (bring the guest to local events/talk/show local art things, even find new participants for your artistic project with similar interests, its really endless opportunities:)

..if you are an architecture student maybe you can create a listing for a local city buildings history lesson, or chat about local latest technologies, or city walk for famous buildings and background stories of the sites, e.g you get the point.

..if you are musician, you can create a new listing offering smart guiding for local music programs/sharing your knowledge about local music history/chat about your music style/instruments, even offer a lesson or invitation to your concerts. etc.

..if you are sport player (lets say tennis but really any sport is possible) you can offer a tennis lesson/match/training as a smart guide service for a traveler. You can help other people with similar interests, or maybe they can help you by sharing their knowledge in your specific field of interests.

..if you are a business school student, you can create an offer for a chat/walk/drink about local economic questions, historical financial backgrounds, current business industry situations, anything related and which is an interesting topic for you!

I think, you got the idea.

..if you think, you have nothing to show, you are wrong!

Think about your local knowledge, even if its just knowing some cool places in your neighbourhood.Good bars/a local library/your favourite cafe/a small bar/your previous flatrent romantic courtyard, these are the things which are hidden from tourist eyes, and you can show them to travelers.

Think about what would you like to show for a guy/girl who has similar interests then you? Choose the most general topics which is interesting for you (videogames, xbox, walk, sports, culture, cooking, really almost anything) and based on your interests and skills create your listing anywhere in the world!

ITS FREE! You can meet interesting people, practice foreign languages, experience lot of fun, and joy, and you can discover other cultures, plus if the guests are enjoying their time with you you can expect some tips as well. Isn't it cool?

Please note, you can have several listings! E.g: one listings for a sports coach, one for a cooking guide, ruin bar guide, and one for related to your favourite university studies.

3. If its available, please add pictures/videos/personal references for your ad listings to make them more colorful, and credible. Ask your guests always to leave a feedback on your ad/listing, to build your online reputation to a higher level.

4. Whenever you post a listing, anyone can contact you by email by pushing the request button on your listing/advertisement. Before you reply, please always check the social media background of that person/ask for facebook profiles/check timelintes/previous reviews. Meet only in public places, don't go to hotel rooms/airbnb flats, bring your friend(s) with you, STAY SAFE! By time now our empty reputation system will also help you to get a clue about the other person.

5. Lets build this site together, and lets grow together! We are a community project, so we need your word of mouth! Advertise this site as much as possible, share it on social networks, ask your friends to join, use the #guidesurfing hashtag anywhere, talk with your friends about us, help us to grow! We both have common interests, as we grow, you will have greater audience as well! :)

Don't miss your chance! Its great fun to be a special guest/smart guide, meet interesting people from all around the world!

Be sensibly careful, stay safe and enjoy this site:)

warm greetings,

RobiG Adventures

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Listing created Aug 23, 2017

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