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Dear Fellow Traveller,
We would like to connect open minded highly educated local people to smart travellers to help each other, share ideas/knowledge and to have an amazing cultural experience for both sides. 

Are you looking for amazing unforgettable excellent local experiences? :)
Are you hungry to learn more about your visited city? Would you like to see it through the locals eye's?
Do you want to have fresh info on best local food/drink/party/cultural/historical/etc. things when you arrive to a new city?
Are you looking to find your family roots? You need local boots on the ground?
Are you travelling alone and you would like to meet funny/smart/crazy local company to chat/laugh?

Are you looking for open minded friendly fellow travellers to join and discover a new city?
Are you interested in a certain topic (e.g. history, art, modern dance, playing/listening classical music, archeology, physics, etc.) and you are looking for fellow mates to get lessons/play together/share ideas/experiences while you are travelling?
Are you a distance worker and need some social life/help while you are on the way?
Are you just tired of the consumption world and looking for natural things to feel human again?
Maybe you just want to chill/relax/slow down and you are looking for a cheap comfy family place to enjoy your time?

Yeah, now you are in the right place online. We are building a new glocal community, come to join us! :) Be an active member, discover new things, participate in local events, meet new strangers/friends/lovers, find your fellow mates, educate yourself, change your life for the better: we wish you to enjoy your life! :)

It's free and only takes a minute to register. Login and check inside.

Carpe Diem,
Team GuideSurfing